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Testimonials from Our Parents

Since we opened in 2000, parents have sent us notes of appreciation for our services.  We are very grateful for such kind words, telling us how well their children are thriving.  Here are a selection of these testimonials for you to enjoy too.

A is for Apple has provided amazing support to our children, through the wonderful techs and supervisors that have been part of their journey.The staff that we have worked with have provided caring, knowledgeable support to our children and we feel their work has made a big difference. Through lots of energy and high motivation, they have helped them tremendously.

Celia has been wonderful in her role as Program Supervisor. She is professional, responsive, and shows a lot of dedication and care. When we have had concerns, she has been a very capable problem solver. As a parent, I have felt like she really cares about the welfare of my children and will go above and beyond to help make things better for them.

Jaime is an awesome tech. He is very thoughtful and dedicated in the way that he has supported both of my sons. He brings a lot of energy, creativity, and positivity. He has been one of the best techs we have worked with at A is for Apple, and through other companies for that matter.

Melissa was an awesome tech for my son. She believed in him. Her approach to working with him was always on point. She found ways to connect with him, and helped him so much.

Caitlyn has done a fantastic job with one of my sons. She has great rapport with my son and works hard to make their time together fun and productive. I love how she makes reading fun. My son truly connects with her and her impact has been felt.

Saul is amazing with my son who struggles with verbal communication. I am so impressed with his approach, his ability to help my son focus and learn. He is kind, warm, and so effective. I am so thankful that he is working with my son.

Jesus is a great tech who brings strong expertise and experience in working with children with special needs. I love his calm, thoughtful approach in working with my son. He has taught him a lot of Spanish for which I'm so grateful for .

- P.R.

My son has been receiving services since January 2017.  He has improved dramatically with his problem behaviors.  I have learned different techniques to help guide him through his challenging behaviors.  His technician is always prompt to the scheduled sessions. The clinic director and supervisor are very helpful and always do an excellent job   My experience with A is for Apple has been awesome.

- D.H.

We brought our daughter when she was around 19 months to A is for Apple for Speech Therapy. It was a very positive experience. Our speech therapists were so fun, and loving and our daughter used to look forward to her "play-date" sessions. It was very helpful to watch and learn the simple tricks from the therapists, and be able to help her at home as well. We are so grateful to the center for providing a very supportive environment, and helping our daughter meet her milestones.

- G. P.

Our experience with Dalina (the EI therapist) has been phenomenal!  Our daughter, has shown tremendous improvements ever since Dalina has been coaching her.

Improvements that our therapist accomplished with our daughter include interactions with adults, stronger eye contact, verbalization, and reduced repetitive behavior.

Dalina has a great balance of being playful and training our daughter at the same time so she does not feel like she is getting a drill.

Dalina always brings many exciting toys so our daughter never gets bored. It is also great that she sometimes refreshes her toys too.

- M. S.

Ms. Pambianco, Thank you for your all your hard work in forming this great company since 2000! Where and How did you find and employ such talented young group of professionals that truly are "Helping Children Thrive". We are so grateful for you and your team's passion and love to "help very young children with special needs". Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! "BIG HUGS" Thank you always for your sweet sincere smile and knowledgeable insights to all my questions in developing targets and programs fit for "Princess Kelly Belly" to achieve at her own pace to reach her fullest potential =)

Samuel, Thank you for all your coordination and distribution of my daughter's weekly issues to your ALL STAR Team =0)

Carmen, Thank you for being so playful and hands-on with your overlaps.  "Princess Kelly Belly" is always in such a great mood after your visits =}

Syeda, Thank you for being so caring for Princess Kelly Belly. You know her eating and playing habits and we are all so appreciative for your gentleness for her... "which she desperately needs right now" =(

Super Star Christopher, you have Princess Kelly Belly constantly asking "is Chris GeGe here yet?" Her first non-stick drawing was of you and her... We are all so super jealous =P

Brittany, Thank you so much for scheduling Princess Kelly Belly amazing ALL STAR Team :>)

Please pass this heartfelt "Thank You" email to all your staff, especially Licelle,  Gicelle , Aura, Alyssa, Helen, Jami, Jamie, Jessica, Ally, Christina, everyone!!!  "

- A is For Apple Parent

Words can never express how grateful we are!  Before our son started ABA services with A is for Apple, he did not respond to us or point or made any gestures  that he acknowledged something.  I thought any communication with him will be none (and yes, there were many days & nights of tears).  

The wonderful ABA team at A is for Apple gave me HOPE when our son was able to first communicate with sign language such as 'more' and 'bubbles' then  the words came "open", "more", “bubbles”.  Just last night, our son said, "Daddy dance, Mommy dance” because he wanted to dance with us.  The other  night before we went to sleep, he turned to me and said “My Mommy"  WOW!!!

Now the tears are replaced with Hope & Happiness & Joy.  We are anxious for what the future will bring for our son since he is now communicating and  he calls us "mommy" and "daddy".  I know that our son has a long journey, but the start of this journey would not have been possible without A is for Apple and all the great services that we have received.

- J.D.

Therapists here are incredible (we have worked with no less than 10). My son's (ASD) is completely a changed kid. Once working with with the ABA, Speech, and Occupational professionals. Best part is my son loves his therapy. He has a great time working with everyone. It is clear that all the employees from the folks at the front to the therapists really love children and care about their families.

The CEO is an amazing person. I had the honor of meeting her and she was so accommodating and helpful. I really commend her for building such an amazing company with such competent staff for our community. 

They also do great paperwork so once you are referred they move fast, which in the beginning is so important. Billing/insurance is professional and easy. I highly recommend A is for Apple. It is truly the best ABA, Speech, Occupational Therapy, Early Intervention Company in Silican Valley!

- J.V.

I want you to know how grateful I am to be part of the AIFA team. It has been an incredible experience for me thus far and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in the field so I may better help all our kiddos thrive! Thank you so much for the opportunity to work for the amazing company you have built doing what I believe to be truly meaningful and life-changing work.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday with all your family and friends! Merry Christmas!

Best regards,


I wanted to send a quick e-mail to let you know how happy we are with our therapist.  She is the early interventionist for our son, T.Y., through SARC.  He has really taken to her and gets very excited when she comes to our house on Wednesdays.  She is excellent at redirecting his attention to different tasks and keeping him productive during their session.  I just want to make sure you know how good she is!

—L. P.

We wanted to give you feedback on one of your employees since she is out working with her clients most of the time and more difficult to observe her with her clients.

She has worked with our daughter G.N. last year and we loved how she worked so well with our daughter. She is very patient and good with children. We give our high praise for doing such great work with our daughter. Her kind spirit and attentiveness allows her to be understanding of the needs of the child and family. We would highly recommend her to any parent who needs an early interventionist for their child. We wanted to share our positive experience and feedback with you.

—Kay and David N.

My name is Gloria M. and my son, J.C., received his last session yesterday with your Early Interventionist. He had been receiving home services since November of 2013 and he turned 3 today. I wasn't sure who to address this email to but I previously emailed our caseworker to thank the agencies for the in-home services we received for our son. I'm especially grateful to your therapist, who made such a difference in J.C. He has a speech delay and we noticed progress in his first session with her.

Every week since then, he only ceased to amaze us as he was saying or attempting to say new words. We are now up to three words. It seems that it wouldn't have been possible without the work and efforts your therapist made to get our son to reach his goals. In addition, we were impressed that she was always on time and very consistent. This also helped Jude make progress. A is for Apple certainly has a great Early Interventionist, who is definitely helping children thrive as we saw in our son. Please know we were very satisfied with the services and pleased to have had her assigned to us.

—Gloria M.

I've been meaning to email you about your therapist. As you know, recently we have terminated our sessions with her, as Los Gatos Union School District is now planning on picking him up for speech. I can't say enough about her. From the moment we were put in contact with her, she has truly stood out as a therapist. I believe you know already, but my daughter, C.K. has special needs, so I have spent the last 8 years meeting and working with countless OTs, PTs and Speech therapists.

Without a doubt, your therapist ranks top of my list of superior therapists. She is conscientious, always on time and keeps an open line of communication both through emails and by phone. Her method of encouraging speech truly works. W.K. entered therapy with her speaking almost nothing and very frustrated. He now speaks using 3-4 word sentences and is just a chatter box! She has a calm, gentle demeanor which children and their parents pick up on. She loves the children she works with and they know it. W.K. has formed a very special bond with her over the time we have known her. That said, I have also formed a bond with her that I hope lasts for years to come. She has taught me how to encourage W.K. to communicate at home and countless other invaluable parenting skills. We love her and will truly miss seeing her on a regular basis. She is a gem of a person and a first class therapist.

Take good care and thank you, A is For Apple for all of your wonderful support.
—Lisa K.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for your hard work with our families. I don’t have everybody’s individual email addresses, but would like for you to pass on this message. A couple of parents have contacted me this week to express their gratitude for the services they are receiving, and the respect with which they are treated when attending sessions at the clinic. Thank you to all your staff for the help and services you provide. It is much appreciated.

Sincerely, Carina

A is for Apple has been an important part of this journey for H.S. and our family- their services are priceless and the friendships we've made with his therapists is going to be lifelong. Having a child with autism is hard enough, but knowing we have not only the love and support of our families and friends we have the professional support as well as been an integral part of H.S.’ profound improvement and our mental stability! We couldn't image doing this on our own and this fundraiser is just a small thank you for everything A is for Apple has done for us!

—Stephanie S.

Thank you very much for your help in December to assign your therapist to S.C. promptly. She is indeed a very good match to S.C. and to Joey and me as well. She’s very passionate about helping S.C. as you have mentioned in our meeting.

She listens to our concerns carefully and tailors very good programs for S.C. We really appreciate her quick response through emails when she herself have a little kid and a baby to care for. We feel that she really understands us with her work experience and also as a mom herself. We definitely feel that things are going in the right direction for S.C. / our family.

We start to see S.C. becoming more affectionate toward us. The joint attention has greatly improved. The frustration / tantrums have reduced quite a bit. He is much more aware of his surroundings and he starts to seek for us more often with great smile and good eye contact. We are really happy that we do feel he "needs" us now, compared to before when we felt he didn't really quite need us. We start to enjoy family time together now, playing together, reading books, going for a walk, outings, etc., etc. We know S.C. still has a long way to catch up, but we really feel that we are in good hands.

We are very happy that your next therapist continues to do a superb job for S.C. She is passionate and familiar with the previous style so we can see things are moving forward. And we are so grateful that she tries to train Christine to make sure S.C. has a good therapist team in place. We are very happy that she’s such a great match for S.C. since therapy started last July. We see S.C. becoming more lively and more social because of her!

Thanks again for your help!
—Siu and Joey C.

I am writing this letter in order to express my gratitude for the high quality service that our son, B.H., receiving from your clinic. We are very pleased with B.H.’s progress. B.H. is able to attend, participate very well in every therapy section. B.H.'s communication is getting better. All the therapists are increasing their effectiveness at promoting B.'s use of language and eye contact.

We are very impressed with your ABA consultant, who helped to fine tune the program, came up with different data collection methods, overlapped many therapist sections to monitor B.H. and dynamically changed the therapy program to fit B.H.'s need. She also was so helpful to us with reading materials, took time to answer any question we have.

We're very pleased with the therapists as well. They are experienced, on time, and responsible. I want to also mention your therapist, who always put extra time each week to email/write us what we need to do in the weekend. She teaches B.H. like her own kid with love and passion.

I appreciate this attitude and believe that you trained your staff very professionally. Thank you and your professional staff one more time. All the best.

—Harry and Quynh H.

Thank you for providing me and my son M. with such a wonderful learning experience. We are incredibly grateful to the A is for Apple's staff. Not only does do you all help children thrive, but give great hope to parents.

A year ago my two-year-old son M. was officially diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. As traumatic as the whole experience was for me, I feel truly blessed and honored to get to know the people who helped me through this ordeal.

The program consultant of A Is For Apple Inc. appeared in my life when I was shocked, terrified and devastated by the diagnosis. The consultant managed to turn the therapy process into the most memorable, touching and exciting experience me and my husband will cherish for the rest of our lives.

The consultant’s dedication to the educational goals she set for M., her sincere love for him, her boundless patience with us the parents and finally her own inspirational experience of being a hero mom gave me hope for the first time after months of agonizing and exhausting fear and hopelessness.

After M. has graduated from A Is For Apple Inc. he improved dramatically. Before we started to work with the A is for Apple staff, my only dream was to hear my child’s voice and to finally meet his gaze. Now at the age of three M. has excellent eye contact, speaks in sentences, laughs and follows simple directions.

We still have a long way to go, but with power and confidence we learned from M.’s therapist, the future looks a whole lot brighter.


A Is For Apple Inc. achieved the goals they set at our initial meeting. The Apple team was able to establish trust within one week of meeting our son, which was something I have never seen him do with anyone outside of the family.

When we suspected our son having autism about 4 months ago, we were lost and quite stressed out. After receiving services from A Is For Apple Inc., our perspective has changed. The team was so patient and playful with our son, enticing him with different types of toys, being successful in keeping him engaged in activities with back and forth interaction, for being very punctual, comforting, and answering a bunch of our questions very patiently. The Apple team was very resourceful.

I am very happy that even in such a short time my son, K., has made great progress, thanks to the A Is For Apple Inc. team. He is able to communicate better (non-verbal, signs and words) compared to before he received services. He is able to focus on activities, and follows directions. His play and social skills have improved, and so has his eye contact and attention.

Testimonials from Current Employees

A is for Apple has been my "work home" since September of 2015. I have felt nothing but support and acceptance since my first interview for a position.

The service the company provides to our kids and their families is focused on improving the quality of life of of each individual family unit. A is For Apple does this by insuring that everyone involved on our teams is appropriately trained and given all necessary support to deliver the best service possible, 100% of the time. The company provides excellent training to all levels of support for the team.

Further, the family atmosphere allows us access to expertly collaborate our efforts between all departments (i.e. Speech and Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, BCBAs, Senior Supervisors and Behavioral Supervisors). Customizing every kid's program to best meet his/her needs.

A is For Apple strives to make families' lives better, by improving the quality of their lives through our services.
—Ayana B.
Behavior Program Supervisor

I have been working A is For Apple, Inc. for the past four years. The first two years, I worked as a Behavioral Technician. I enjoyed working one on one with the kids, helping them thrive and working as a team to meet their goals. The families are gracious and and very welcoming of our services. For the past two years, I have been working as a Behavior Program Supervisor. I love every aspect of my job. I look forward to designing programs for the kids and collaborating with the entire team to encourage a child to gain new skills. A is For Apple also emphasizes the importance of parent participation and educating the families on ways they can help their child too.

Lastly, the work environment is awesome and fun. Every employee in each department is always willing to work together and help each other when needed. A is For Apple, Inc. always uses the latest and innovative technology and programs. This is helpful so that parents, behavioral technicians and supervisors have the necessary information and can work closely to help the child as much as possible.

I am honored to be a part of A is For Apple, Inc.

—Raquel C.
Behavior Program Supervisor